LLMs as a New Kind of Computer

Thoughts on Beren's post about LLMs as a new form of computer

2023 Chilly Half Marathon - Race Reflections

Reflections on running the 2023 Chilly Half-Marathon race in Burlington

We're Living Wrong

Analysis and thoughts on the relationship between BMI, GDP and being healthy.

Running All Wrong

How slowing down is helping me speed up in the long run

Athenian Taxes

My RSS Setup

My RSS setup. The reader clients and feeds I follow, including a link to all of them in OPML format.

My Dream Phone

Some thoughts on my dream phone and reactions to learning about the Punkt MC01 Legend

Salmon in the River

Reflections on the notion of truth in ML

The 4 AM Club

Reflections on working remotely from Sydney and the benefits of getting up before the sun.

Hard Times Create Strong Companies

Driver UI

A quick thought on car usability


US Navy SEAL Competitive Physical Screening Test Score


Looking back, I wish that as a founder I had been more aware about the

Pray for Pain

My Partner