Posts about code

Scaling Software

My answer to the question 'What is the most important yet often overlooked aspect of scaling software?'

Friction to Publish

It's too hard to publish a blog post on this site.

Using LLMs in Production

A nod to Will Larson's post on using LLMs in production and some additional notes based on my own experience.

Announcing Rook

I've open sourced the code that powers this website


I added tags to my blog posts. You can use them to browse my posts now.

Service Health

My list of qualities that resilient, highly availabile services should have.

Craft and Care

A reaction to Allen Pike's 'Giving a shit' which recently trended on HN.

Did Code Win?

Some brief thoughts on the future of no-code in a world where code generation is ubiquitous.

YouTube Subscriptions via RSS

A quick guide on how to watch YouTube in your RSS reader

Getting Started with Flask in 2023

All you need to get started using Flask for your next web application project.