My Dream Phone

In 2021, I mocked up a quick concept of my dream phone, based on my experience using the Punkt MP02 for a couple of weeks. I would love to be able to use the MP02 as my daily driver, but it basically broke all of my communication channels in a way that really bothered my family, close friends and co-workers. The biggest issue was group text messaging which could be now somewhat solved by using Signal were it not for the fact that none of the people I just listed use Signal.

My concept phone

The concept was to get back the things that were great about the Blackberry (click-wheel, keyboard), but introduce a better software experience for someone who needs to be able to type .. a lot ..

It obviously didn't go anywhere because I have almost no experience with electronics and wouldn't have a clue of where to start.

And then this happened!

The MC01

Kevin Michaluk on CrackBerry writes:

The MC01 Legend is a passport-size phone that feels ultra comfortable in the hand, and it features a physical keyboard and timeless design that mirrors the design language of Punkt's MP02, or more specifically, its predecessor the MP01.

I really hope we can get this phone from Punkt. They are the right team to do it. Imagine if they collaborated with Teenage Engineering on it like Panic did for Playdate? I want a daily driver that is secure, radically less distracting compared to an iPhone, but still functional for group messaging, email and Slack.