An update

February 23 2016

You won't notice much of a difference on your end, but I've been hard at work on some serious rewrites to this site. I have an ambitious, multi-part plan for my online life which will leave my completely off of ad-paid services like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter...

Step 1: An API

The first thing i'm excited to announce is my own "life API". For now, all this API does is allow me to create and edit posts for this website. You can access all my published works at

I plan to add more endpoints in the future for all kinds of things like statistics about my health, movements around the world and endpoints for my photography as well!

Step 2: A CMS

The other thing I built recently was a CMS (I'm using it right now to bang out this article!). I'm going to do a post about it elaborating on it's development, but for now you'll just have to trust me that it's really cool. Here's a screenshot of it:

Step 3: Open Source!

I'm most happy to announce that all of this is totally open source! Both of these projects are great starting points for designing your own API or CMS. Some stats on the projects: