The Siri Remote is broken

June 20 2017

I usually don't write about fixing other people's products. I'm not a fan of unsolicited redesigns either.

In this case, I make an exception.

The new Apple TV Remote is called "Siri Remote" and it introduced an edge-to-edge glass touch interface called the Touchpad.

Looks pretty, but if someone picks up the Siri Remote, it is likely that some part of their hand will touch the Touchpad causing accidental chaos.

The Touchpad isn't capacitive, which means this problem doesn't just apply to skin. If you put the remote somewhere on the couch and then brush it with your pants, you're likely to trigger some sort of UI interaction. To make matters worse, you're usually watching something when this happens which makes you the enemy of the party when you accidentally swipe open the audio menu halfway through a movie.

It's not just me. I've seen my wife, my parents, my siblings and my friends all have this problem and it's crazy to me that Apple didn't pick up on it seeing as they invented a solution to this exact problem with the iPod classic more than ten years ago:

The hold switch on the iPod classic was later replaced by a lock button on the iPod touch and iPhone

I think a hold switch would drastically improve the Siri Remote's usability.

There are other experience issues with the Siri Remote, but I'll stop myself here and let the reviews on Apple's own website speak for themselves.